Central Time Zone. In Spring, Tennessee goes on Daylight Savings Time; in October, reverts to Standard time.


Gulf Coastal Plain (Jackson Plain).
Mild climate year round with four distinct seasons.
Average annual temperature is 59.2; average annual precipitation is 54.86 inches.
Average winter (Dec.-March) temperature is 45 degrees. Snowfall is variable from year to year (annual 30 year average of 4.8"). Most winters have little or none, while other winters can have a seasonal snowfall of up to 17 inches. Average summer (June-Aug.) temperature is 81 degrees. Prevailing winds are from the South-Southwest.


Interstate Access: I-40
Primary U.S. Highway Access: 45, 64, 70, 412
Primary State Highway Access: 18, 22, 57, 69, 100
Airport: McKellar-Sipes Airport, Jackson, daily flights on SeaPort Airlines to Memphis and Nashville; charter services available; private pilots available with commuter fields in Lexington, Bolivar, Savannah and Parsons; no ground shuttle; rental cars available.
Bus: Greyhound Bus Services; 15 trips daily come into Jackson Main St. Station from Memphis, Nashville, Paducah, Ky., and Jackson, Miss.
Rail: Illinois Central, Norfolk Southern, CSX and West Tenn.


Hospitals: 8
Nursing Homes: 20
Assisted Living Facilities: 22
Senior Centers: 10


Five 4-year liberal arts colleges and universities; three offer Masters level degrees; two at Union University and one at Freed-Hardeman University, and Bethel College offers 2 Masters. University of Tennessee and University of Memphis school systems each offer courses in Jackson. Four Technology Centers. One Junior College. Three off-campus centers in the Southwest area. K-12: 82 public schools.


Cost of Living Index: 100% Composite Index is the national average.
All Items: 90.0%
Housing: 73.6%
Health Care: 92.0%
Groceries: 95.7%
Utilities: 93.7%
Transportation: 96.0%
Misc. Goods & Services: 97.9%


* Local electric power distributors purchase power from the world's largest public utility, the Tennessee Valley Authority.
*Natural Gas availability may be found by contacting each county's utility company.
*Telephone Service: AT&T, Aeneas, BellSouth, CenturyTel, ClearTalk, JEA, MCI, NetTel, Nextel, PowerTel, Sprint, T-Mobile, Tennessee Telephone, Verizon.


No state personal income tax on wages or salaries.
Sales and Use Tax: The Tennessee state sales tax is 7% and the local option sales tax ranges from 1% to 2.75%.
Property Tax: The property tax is levied on real and personal property by county and municipal governments. All owners of property are liable for property taxes. Tennessee does not impose a state property tax. 


16ft & under $10; Over 16 ft. but less than 26 ft. $20; 26 ft. to less than 40 ft. $30, 40 ft. or more $40, Dealer's certificate $25, Duplicate certificate $5. Rates are slightly lower if purchased for a 2- or 3-year period.


Resident License
Sportsman- Annual $136
Hunting & Fishing Combination $28
Jr. Hunt/Trap/Fish $8
Waterfowl $31
Big Game - Gun $28
Big Game - Archery $28
Big Game - Muzzleloader $28
County of Residence Fishing $9
Trout $18
Trapping $28
Senior Hunt/Fish/Trap $11
Senior Permit - Annual $41
One-Day Fish $5.50
Nonresident License
Jr. Hunt/Fish $9
Hunt - Small Game/Waterfowl $91
Hunt - 7 day, Small Game/Waterfowl $50.50
Hunt - All Game $251
Hunt - All Game - 7 day $175.50
Fish - No Trout - Annual $41
Fish - No Trout - 3 day $16.50
All Species Fishing - 3 day $33.50
Fish - No Trout - 10 day $25.50
All Species Fishing - 10 day $50.50
All Species Fishing - Annual $81 

Rates are subject to changes. To confirm rates or for additional information contact: Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, P. O. Box 40747, Nashville, TN 37204.

Information provided by the Southwest Tennessee Development District (SWTDD).

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