Casey Jones Home & Museum

Situated adjacent to Casey Jones's historic home, the Railroad Museum offers a captivating journey into the life and final ride of Casey Jones. Immerse yourself in the story through engaging exhibits, including a fascinating short film that delves into Casey Jones's remarkable tale. Take a leisurely stroll through Casey Jones's historic home, and capture memorable pictures alongside our 35-ton locomotive, a faithful replica of Casey's legendary engine 382. Children of all ages are invited to climb aboard and ring the bell, just as Casey did.

For those intrigued by the Civil War, our museum features a permanent exhibit titled "The Railroads & The Civil War In Tennessee," offering insights into this historic era. Don't miss the Jackson Room, a dedicated space that pays homage to our town's rich railroad heritage. Whether you're planning a field trip or visiting as a group, special rates are available to enhance your experience at the Railroad Museum.

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