Salem Cemetery Battlefield

On the morning of Dec. 19, 1862, approximately 1,500 Confederate cavalry, along with Freeman’s Battery with three pieces of artillery under the command of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, clashed in a 2 hour battle with about 1,000 Federals under the command of Col. Adolph Englemann. Gen. Forrest achieved his objective of pinning down the Federals behind their fortifications in Jackson, thus freeing him to make raids against the Federal rail and communication lines.

Salem Cemetery Battlefield has a welcome center, 5 monuments, a battle map inlay, flagpole, and 2 six-pound Napoleon smooth bore cannons on display. The Cemetery is the resting place of Adam Huntsman, who defeated Davy Crockett in 1836 for a position in Congress, causing Crockett to go to the Alamo. Salem Battlefield is a self-guided tour.

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